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At Petrosea, we believe that our talent is our key asset to be successful in the industry. We continue to develop our best talent in order to demonstrate their best potential. At the same time, we keep setting high standards in attracting and retaining our people to be a champion in the industry. To date, Petrosea has achieved a successful track record in grooming talent within the industry and providing a wealth of experience in developing harmonious employment relationships. This becomes our main priority and we will continue to focus on achieving and developing this through our human capital management strategies.

  • Employee Development Program
    We develop a systematic development program to ensure consistency in developing new future leaders in the Company.
    – Graduate Development Program
    – Supervisory Development Program
    – Leadership Development Program
  • Technical Training Program
    We ensure we have standardized technical capabilities to maintain our quality of work through our Training Centre located at Petrosea Support Facilities (PSF).
  • Learning & Development
    We continuously develop employee soft and technical competencies, supported by our learning center, Petrosea Academy (PetA).
  • Working Environment
    We create an innovative, agile and multicultural environment supported by state of the art systems.
  • Reward System
    We value a transparent, motivating, equitable and consistent system to promote employee value